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AIAS BGSU Chapter Elections are February 2023.

A Google Form will be available in early February

to declare your intent to run and for which positions.

Feel free to ask your current BOD members about their roles and responsibilities before elections. 

Elections Form


Chapter Co-Op Fair

AIAS BGSU and NOMAS BGSU are committed to helping our members find jobs at firms for

their co-ops.

Firms looking to participate in the Spring '23 Co-Op Fair can fill out the registration form to the right.


Design Competitions

AIAS National has AIAS In Studio competitions year-round with cash prizes! These competitions range from sketches to models to renders and are submitted through Instagram.

AIAS has also partnered with countless other organizations, which host hundreds of third-party competitions for young professionals and students.


Board Positions and Responsibilities

as outlined by 2020 Chapter Bylaws

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