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AIAS BGSU + Last Patrol

This blog post will be a continuing series following the, “behind the scenes” work of the Naval Reserve Armory. At this moment, there is no schedule as to when these will be posted. They will only be posted when there are updates. Additionally, in the next few weeks, there will be multiple blog posts each week focusing on topics in the major, hobbies, alternative career paths in architecture, and more. Make sure to check the website frequently for these

and more!

Last month, our chapter was invited to meet with John and Jeff Nowakowski, co-founders of The Last Patrol. The Last Patrol is a Toledo-based non-profit dedicated to preserving and continuing Naval history and youth training. Through a very close working relationship with the Commodore Perry Division of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets and Navy League Cadets, teach the youth of Northwest Ohio naval traditions, skills, and disciplines they can apply

to their own lives. To continue their efforts, they are trying to obtain the Naval Reserve Armory at Bayview Park. This breathtaking building was finished in 1935 and was used until 1988. Unfortunately, after the premise was vacated, the building was not maintained and has continued to deteriorate for the past thirty-three years. Currently, the building is in rough shape. With extensive water damage, the facades are crumbling and water is

winning the battle of attrition. Together, with The Last Patrol, we are trying to save this beautiful building through historic resurrection. Unlike preservation, we are not trying to save it all, it is past that point. After (hopefully) securing the property, the Nowakowski brothers aim to demolish the building and use the recycled materials to build it from the ground up back to its former glory. This is why we were asked to go on this journey with them. Simply put, they need funding. However, with limited CAD and architectural skills, they are unable to create drawings and renderings that can help crowdfund this project. Right now, a small team of AIAS BGSU board members is creating a 3D model and drawings for this project. Unlike a Freedom by Design project, I made the decision to restrict this to a small group of volunteers to expedite the work for them. With this work, The Last Patrol can push their crowdfunding efforts and continue their efforts of trying to receive funding from Toledo. But, just because you were not able to be part of this stage, does not mean there is no chance for you to be involved in this project. When they are able to secure the building, this project will turn into the first large-scale Freedom by Design project here at BGSU. From helping clear debris and trees to one day painting the walls, this project is

planned to extend multiple board cycles.

Also, there are two additional side notes that need mentioning. First, our wonderful marketing director has agreed to create videos about the rendering process for this building. If you are unsure how to render a SketchUp model in Lumion and want to stay more up to date on this project, these videos will help. Second, we have also been

asked to discuss a potential project with the Toledo Yacht Club. If accepted, this project would be aimed towards this fall semester as a FBD project where many of you would have the opportunity to be involved. Be sure to check our blog posts consistently for more information.

Chapter President,

Jack Collins

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