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Dinosaur Doodles

I (Erin) love dinosaurs, they are so cool and cute. I have drawn a few dinosaurs in Microsoft paint, and Alex and I have rated each of them and provided some constructive criticism. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Name: Diego Rivera (Mr. Rivera)

Rating: 8.5

Alex: He’s a cool dino. I think he could’ve fit more donuts on his tail. More donuts= more happiness.

Erin: Diego seems like a cool cowboy. I feel like he definitely has the best lemonade recipe on the block. Those are also some large donuts. Solid but if you look at him too long he looks scary.

Dinosaur Name: Ted Cruz XVII

Rating: 10

Alex: Ted Cruz is a good guy. He’s the type of guy who couldn’t hurt a fly. His fedora’s looking pretty fly. I really enjoy seeing him with his fourteen kids and two wives.

Erin: He seems like an all around good guy. His outfit is giving chic gay dad vibes, which I’m living for. Watermelons are disgusting to be honest, but it’s the thought that counts. I love his scarf… Is it Burberry? The black chucks definitely make me trust him more.

Dinosaur Name: Jerry Johnson V

Rating: 4.87

Alex: I don’t really like the color green. His skateboard could be a bit cooler. I do, however, like his lightsaber and also the hat because they are both blue.

Erin: Skaters are cool, he seems like he can do the steeziest treflip at the dinosaur skate park. Not sure about the lightsaber though, Star Wars is pretty lame to be honest. Love-hate relationship with this dinosaur. RATM fan I see, very progressive.

Dinosaur Name: Noah Dante Gilbert

Rating: 8.33

Alex: The color combo between the nails and skin tone are immaculate. The carry-on fish bag really completes the whole fit. Really ties it together.

Erin: I like that he painted his nails black, super edgy and cute. Could for sure be someone’s long-term goth bi boyfriend. I guess fish are okay but I feel like holding one in that type of bag is inhumane and not eco-friendly. Canada is pretty cool, they got moose.

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