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Learning & Teaching Policy

The Bowling Green State University Department of Architecture and Environmental Design seeks to foster an environment of diversity, respect, and healthy work habits in the learning environment. This policy is designed to achieve these goals. 

NCARB AXP Resources

Architecture students need to complete a certain amount of AXP hours on the road to certification. Learn more about the process here. 

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Helpful Resources

Student Resources

Student Resources - Helpful Links


Design Programs - Helpful Links

Trimble SketchUp

SketchUp Pro for students can be had for $55 a year with a 30-day free trial. You'll need to provide a transcript to prove you're a U.S. college student.

SketchUp Make 2022 is a fully-featured version of SketchUp that can be had for free. SketchUp Pro 2016

is available on their website to download for FREE.

Lumion Pro Student

Lumion Pro Student can be had free of charge each year for college students who live in the U.S.

Autodesk Suite

Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, and more can be had by following the steps provided on the Autodesk Student and Education Software page. Once verified, these programs are free to use for 1 year and can simply be renewed once the year is up. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud of products can be had for $19.99 a month for the first year for students. This suite of programs includes fully-fledged pro versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and more. Watch out for black Friday deals!!!

GIMP 2.10

GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a powerful open-source alternative to Photoshop.

GIMP is free for everyone - but beware, GIMP is not photoshop so there are different shortcuts and processes to do things. GIMP also has a healthy community that provides tutorials on YouTube to help get you started as well.


Inkscape is a powerful open-source alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is free for everyone - but beware, Inkscape is not illustrator so there are different shortcuts and processes to do things. Like GIMP, Inkscape has a healthy community that provides tutorials on YouTube.

Rhino 3D

Rhino is a powerful 3D modelling software that can be had for free for 90 days. After this trial, Rhino is a one time purchase of $195 for eligible students. 

Syllabus Database

Syllabus Database

Database Onedrive Link

As students from BGSU apply for grad school, it has been observed that many grad schools request access to the syllabi from the courses taken at BGSU. Here's a link to the current database of syllabi from over the years.

Lecture Recordings

Past Lectures Recordings

Database Onedrive Link

AIAS BGSU has been proud to bring interesting and informative lectures to our members over the years.

With the implementation of Zoom, we are now better equipped to provide our members with past lecture recordings. Stay tuned for the launch of our chapter YouTube Channel where these videos will be allocated.

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